On Precoding For Overlapped Clustering In a Measured Urban Macrocellular Environment

Science China Information Sciences, Feb. 2013
Published Date:2013-02-01
In this paper, we study the performance of precoding schemes for cooperative transmission of multiple coherent base stations (BSs) that allow for overlapped clustering in a measured urban macrocellular environment at 2.66 GHz, in order to verify previous findings obtained by using simulated channel data. The evaluated precoding schemes include zero-forcing (ZF), layered virtual signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) maximization (LVSM) and clustered virtual SINR maximization (CVSM). The results show that the sum rate of the CVSM scheme outperforms the other precoding schemes. In addition, the ZF achieves higher rates than the LVSM, except when the channel condition is poor. When greedy proportional user scheduling is considered, the CVSM scheme and the ZF scheme offer similar performance, whereas the LVSM scheme gives little gain over a non-cooperative transmission scheme used as the baseline.

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